Opening day: Saturday 4th of July (11 am - 3 pm)

Railway Street Studios
8 Railway Street-Newmarket
TUES-SAT (10am-3pm)
Auckland ( NZ)


 April 2020

Rather than produce anatomical flower paintings, for Eva Llorens it is far more important to capture the quality, the feeling, and the spirit of the flowers. Her striking paintings symbolize a brief existence of picked plants and their fleeting beauty.

The flowers are in glorious, exuberant bloom, or just past. Their furled forms animated by the abstract background of paint behind them. The surface feels still live with the artist’s touch.

Fascinated by the stems refracted through the silvery water, or by the poised bud of a lily, Eva paints something closer to a portrait than a still life. You can feel the thick darkness – the darkness of late Goya, whom Eva admires– closing in around these lightsome white heads on their fragile stems. Flowers with the status of people.

The Japanese aesthetic is a set of ancient ideals that include wabi (transient and stark beauty), sabi (the beauty of natural patina and aging), and yūgen (profound grace and subtlety). These ideals, and others, underpin much of Eva’s aesthetic on how she paints and what she considers beautiful.

These paintings are meant to convey emotion and communicate directly to the recipient or viewer without needing the use of words. There’s a timeless sense of joy, hope, or even moroseness that paintings of flowers can evoke.

Fiona Cable

Director, curator at Railway Street Studio



Exhibition: 2 to  21 May  2019

Opening Night: Thursday 2 of May ( 5 -8 pm)

Railway Street Studios
8 Railway Street-Newmarket
TUES-SAT (10am-3pm)
Auckland ( NZ)


Eva Llorens is best known for her enigmatic paintings of objects, people and landscapes. There is a dreamlike quality to her paintings of beds, pillows and figures. They offer a sense of the familiar, testaments of daily existence and comfort, exquisitely executed. She encourages a reflective approach to her work and tempts you to your own visual interpretation.

Reverie alludes to a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts, like in a daydream; a feeling that encapsulates the viewer when observing Llorens latest collection of paintings. The works feature a series of clouds and beds, seemingly unremarkable and ubiquitous scenes, rendered in an alluring, painterly quality. The works draw you in and force you to rise above the daily grind and see the beauty that surrounds us, sometimes even in the most mundane situations.

“Clouds and beds have long been part of my work. They are two themes that are constantly intertwined and that share emotions and colours. These landscapes, always interpreted from a personal point of view, moving between the interiors and the exteriors to finding common places where dreams can exist. Whether you are in a room or contemplating the sky or in awe by mother nature. It is an intimate and universal journey at the same time, which allows us to realise that in the end, the subject itself is not important, but the reverie that allows us to continue to dream.” - Eva Llorens.

Somnium II

Exhibition: 7 November - 7 December

Espais Cavallers 31/33
C/Cavallers 31/33
25002 Lleida ( Spain)


Exhibition: 6 to 29 March 2018

The Framingworkshop
120 Silverdale Road
Hamilton Nz


One of the things that I like to paint is my daughters. These portraits are the result of our intimacy. There are spaces where I find these moments of peace, rest and reflection. I want to immortalize these fleeting moments that always go too fast and stop time for a moment, while I caress them with the brush.

Eva Llorens



25 Aug - 13 Sep 2016

Railway Street Studios
8 Railway Street-Newmarket
TUES-SAT (10am-3pm)
Auckland ( NZ)



Exhibition: 13 - 28 November 2015

El Claustre
C/ Nou, 8
17001 Girona ( Spain 

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