This world that is falling apart, that suffers and crumbles, and yet is so beautiful... that I'm moved by an overriding desire to capture everything I feel and see. To preserve a single fleeting moment of magic. To grasp silence; a certain atmosphere; the air or the wind; emptiness; loneliness; time; tenderness and beauty... Maybe paintings are reminders of the spiritual side in us all that today's busy times made us forget. Sometimes we are surprised by our emotions in front of a landscape. Thoughts flow and link to images, lights and colours, and, just for a few brief seconds, the daily veil vanishes, to let us glimpse one reality beyond. The light that wraps everything can even embellish our leftovers, our derelict buildings .... and becomes a common theme in all my works. It is this very same light that makes me freeze in front of a theme that I had seen one thousand times before. In the end, I no longer know whether it is an external stimulus that makes me stop, or if it is that my thoughts have found one image in which they can dwell. The theme then becomes the lower priority. Countryside or town; lansdcapes; rooms or portraits. Everything has the power to move us, and so, subjective reality becomes universal, because we are talking about feelings and not images. And we all, in our loneliness and in faraway places, can feel the same: "It is not true that soul and colours belong to two different dimensions, because it is all one single world and one single light" (Jordi Bilbeny)